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Foraging Units for Primates

Available Models For Primates & Other Mammals

The primary reason for the existence of the predominant classes of Animalia is due to their superior foraging skills. Yet, in captivity, most animals -- ranging from reptiles to birds to mammals -- are fed basically in the same manner: from an open dish.

In the case of primates, their evolution has perfected the remarkable and time-consuming fundamental daily activity: foraging. Typical primate enclosures, however, share little resemblance with the animals' natural habitat, thus reducing mental stimuli, esp. those from foraging, to a minimum.

Fauna-Tek Foraging Units have been specifically designed to offer a meaningful approach to feeding that naturally includes a dominant foraging element. Our genus-specific feeding systems provide a foraging-intensive and sanitary means of supplying a primate's daily dietary needs. The primate manipulates an array of blocking embodiments to discover its food, hence receiving incentive and reward not unlike foraging in the wild.

In some of our designs the number of cavities reaches 500, yet their filling and service is simple, fast, and sanitary. For situations where housing space is at a premium, Fauna-Tek units can be conveniently mounted immediately outside the cage for unimpeded access by the primate.

All of our units have been extensively field-tested in leading animal care facilities and zoological institutions to ensure that they provide a unique approach in delivering invigorating mental and physical activity that dramatically reduces the primates' daily boredom.


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